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Franchise: A Good Business for Returning Military

Many military personnel transition to civilian life every week.  Some have decided to retire after one or two enlistments, others after 20 years.  Still others retire after life service.  All face a key question: “What do I do now?”

The job market is difficult, and unemployment is still high.  Accepting a starting salary after 20 years in the military feels like a come-down.  A franchise may help you create an entirely new career. 

A franchise is a structured system, like the military. Many of the skills you learned in the military will transfer very well to the right franchise.  The right franchise can provide excellent income, allow you to utilize your leadership skills, and create the type of lifestyle you want. A few guidelines will help you decide on the right business for you. 

One key point is that civilian business is very different from the military. The structure and guidance you receive from a franchise will help you learn the difference. No one departing from the military has an effective understanding of civilian business, just like a civilian entering the military fails to understand military courtesies and regulations. 

There are two types of franchises:  those requiring hands-on execution and those requiring executive style management.  In a hands-on business you plan on doing a lot of the work yourself. For example, if you managed a Weed Man franchise; you would be applying fertilizers and weed control applications on customers’ lawn.  If you like being outside, this might be a great business for you. Another example of a hands-on franchise is Snap Fitness.  This is a franchise business you manage every day.  Other executive style franchises require a different management style.  You hire and manage others to do the work. In these businesses you need to be comfortable in hiring staff and managing operations. 

As a member of the military you understand the importance and value of training.  Likewise a franchise offers structured training in all facets of the business. Qualicare Home Care will train you in all aspects of running a home care business. This goes beyond the caregiving and includes marketing, computer operations, and understanding local regulations. 

Business style is important to understand what franchise is a good fit for you.  Do you want to be inside, outside, or at a desk? Are you good at details or are you better at seeing the big picture? Do you want to manage staff or do you prefer to work alone?  Would you like something mobile where you travel to customers or do you want a fixed location?  These and other questions are important to answer in order to find the right franchise business for you. 

In the same way that you were evaluated to determine the right military placement for you, you must be willing to be evaluated to determine the right place for your next assignment. Let me help you determine a franchise business that is the right opportunity for you. 

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