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We are one of the top entrepreneurial recruitment firms in the U.S. and only work with pre-screened, top shelf companies that franchise.  At no cost, we can help you: 

  • Find quality opportunities not widely advertised
  • Identify options that fit your lifestyle
  • Access our extensive industry contacts
  • Avoid costly mistakes

Usually, a person who wants to start a business has passion, an excellent work ethic, and solid experience; but may still struggle because building a business requires many skills. A franchise opportunity may be a great way to match your skills, with a franchise that delivers to in several key way to allow you the greatest chance at successes.  

There are several key benefits to buying a franchise.  A franchise: 

  • Provides a proven business model that has worked successfully for many business owners. 
  • Offers a marketing platform designed to bring in customers. 
  • Shares training and support as you launch your business. 
  • Suggests a reliable startup budget to help you understand the financial cost. 
  • Can match your personal skills, lifestyle, interests, and income requirements to The right business opportunity. 
  • Offers full time work as well as passive ownership.

There is no charge for my services.  The franchising company pays all fees.

The process is simple. We talk. You share your objectives, hopes, and dreams. I review hundreds of franchise opportunities that hit your mark.  Some opportunities require a small investment, some are designed as home based business, and others require a facility. Based on your background, investment interest, and income needs; I will recommend 3-4 opportunities and provide you with an overview.  If you agree that one or more of these ideas are a possibility, I will put you in touch with the franchise decision maker.  Then, you will have a conversation to determine if the franchise is the right fit for you. I don’t sell franchises; I only steer you in the right direction based on your interest, skills, and investment funds. 

The franchises I suggest will fall into a sweet spot in the industry. McDonalds may look attractive, but you need $2 million cash, plus they don’t sell to people without extensive McDonalds’ experience. Subway has a big name, but they have been sued by a large number of franchisees. Often the best franchise is one that has been in business over 5 years and has already developed 50-200 successful units. It is one that has not grown so large that you can’t get good territories or are required to pay a high entry cost that would make it difficult to get a good return on your investment and hard work.   

If you are interested in talking more about this possibility, please call me at 520-529-8470 or e-mail to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I would be happy to discuss whether this could be the right move for you.  I will not pressure you and present a hard sell.  I value an open discussion. 

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"We NEVER share or sell your information to anyone other than the specific businesses you have requested."
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