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Why Home Care Franchises Are Growing

Home care business franchises are growing for two reasons:  the increased number of people needing home service and the low cost of home care. 

Every day over 8,000 people turn 65 with an expected additional 19 years ahead of them. Many will require some type of care.

In 1985, 21% of seniors over 85 lived in a nursing home environment.  Today, only 16% will. As the overall market has grown, the number of people preferring to stay at home has increased. 

Over the past 35 years, the number of people over 65 has doubled so that it is now 13% of the population. Estimates project that the senior population will grow another 23% over the next 18 years. Anytime you have an opportunity to serve an expanding market your success will likely increase. 

In the past, many seniors would stay in the home of one of their children. Since many of these are families where both husband and wife work outside the home, no one is available to stay home and attend to the needs of a senior parent.  

Cost is another key factor. A hospital stay will cost Medicare around $2,000 per day. Nursing homes are expensive costing $559 per day. Contrast this with the average cost of providing home care at $44 per day and you see the savings. Every case is different, but the cost of providing most home care is well below assisted living or nursing home facilities. 

Combine these two factors, and you see how growth in providing home care accelerates. 

The keys to success in home care are good marketing, sales skills, and effective staff management along with a heart to serve your customers. Combine these traits in the home care business and you will build a solid, growing, and profitable business. 

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