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Lapels Dry Cleaning Lapels Dry Cleaning
Capital Investment: < 100,000
Earth Friendly Plant ~ Combine a retail store with your own plant to process your garments & those of other stores. In some areas we have Lapels stores anxiously awaiting your opening. And the best part is that you are operating an environmentally friendly dry cleaning plant. This is better for you, your employees, your customers and your landlord.
Martinizing Delivers Martinizing Delivers
Capital Investment: < 50,000
Home delivery of dry cleaning and laundry business has exploded in recent years. High gas prices, less leisure time available and more dual income families have created a high demand for this service. To answer that call for service, Martinizing Dry Cleaning has introduced Martinizing® Delivers. It combines the convenience and high demand for “to-your-door” service with high quality, service, and trustworthiness of a local Martinizing Dry Cleaning plant partner.
Martinizing Dry Cleaning Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Capital Investment: < 150,000
Martinizing is the largest and best known dry cleaning franchise in the U.S. and it continues to innovate and grow! It is the “Greener Cleaner” utilizing the most environmentally friendly methods available. It attracts a more affluent, white collar clientele. A state-of-the art equipment package and environmentally friendly cleaning processes are offered.
Pressed 4 Time Pressed 4 Time
Capital Investment: < 50,000
We simplify lives and return time to people when we deliver the services we promise. We’re in the time business. We free-up time for busy, overextended consumers by picking up and delivering dry cleaning, laundry, alterations and shoes for repair. We not only save people time, we save them gas and we save them money. Think about us as a van pool for clothing that also benefits the environment by combining lots of trips into one vehicle.
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