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ARCpoint Labs ARCpoint Labs
Capital Investment: < 50,000
ARCpoint Labs is a B2B franchise opportunity best suited for middle or upper management individualswho havea passion for the medical industry and have solid consultative (soft) sales ability. ARCpoint Labs offers 2 businesses under one roof: 1.) drug and alcohol testing and 2.) clincal health and wellness testing. Since we have both offerings, ARCpoint Labs provides the most comprehensive medical testing services in the U.S. built around a passion for reducing drug/substance abuse and helping companies lower their health care costs by offering a health and wellness programs. Our testing programs help companies achieve higher productivity, reduce absenteeism, eliminate theft and damage of company assets, lower insurance costs, etc. In addition our owners provide the following tests and services: allergy, hormone, DNA, paternity, STD, titer, background checks, flu shots, and more. These services are available through our 1500 - 1800 sq. ft. lab or we can also go onsite with our mobile service.
Conspire! Conspire!
Capital Investment: < 100,000
Conspire! has a mission to change industry standards for health and corporate wellness by offering excellent, affordable and timely services that focus on prevention, intervention, training and educational resources. At Conspire! we encourage business owners and corporate executives to make us THE one-stop shop for corporate wellness and prevention. Services we offer for ensuring a safe work environment include: Pre-employment Drug & Alcohol Screens Work-Fit Pre-Employment Physical Fitness Tests Background Check Reports & Resume Verification Drug-free Workplace Training for all Personnel Needs Random Pool Management, Testing and Reporting Reasonable Couse Training and Testing On-site Expert Medical Review Officer Services Post-Accident Testing Policy Consulting and Writing D.O.T. Compliance Pre-Dispositional DNA Testing Immunizations
Doctors Express Doctors Express
Capital Investment: < 500,000
Doctors Express Urgent Care Centers (DRX) are designed to be high end Urgent Care Centers with a physician in the center at all open hours, X-ray, lab and pharmacy (in most states). DRX centers offer the convenience of walk-in service with minimal wait times. Doctors Express Urgent Care Centers staff doctors who provided medical services in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment.
Firestorm Firestorm
Capital Investment: < 100,000
Firestorm has developed step by step plans, processes, and procedures to assist companies in planning for and managing disasters and crises. Today, we are experiencing increased natural disasters, terrorism, and health crises/epidemics. The Red Cross states there are 70,000 disasters annually in the United States. The Department of Labor has identified that 40% of businesses struck by a disaster never reopen and of those which do, 25% close within two years. To address these concerns, Congress mandated that thee Department of Homeland Security and FEMA establish a certification program for Business Continuity Plans in the private sector under Public Law 110-53, Title IX. The Firestorm system allows a franchisee to put their business experience and contacts to work using the Predict. Plan. Perform.™ Systems developed by the company to help companies develop business continuity and disaster plans. They can support executives in making critical decisions, before, during, and after a disaster or crisis. With 85% of the infrastructure of the country in the private sector, “Preparedness is not a luxury, it is a cost of doing business” for all companies. Every Crisis is a Human Crisis and Firestorm has helped people and solved problems by designing continuity plans for Fortune 500 companies to crisis management support at Virginia Tech after the shooting.
Freedom Boat Club Freedom Boat Club
Capital Investment: < 50,000
Freedom Boat Club has been in business since 1989. We are the largest members-only boat club in the United States, with over 60 locations and over 600 boats. We are also the largest fleet of boats outside of the U.S. Government. Freedom Boat Club invented the members-only boat club concept, and there is almost no competition from other clubs that have followed.
Intelligent Office Intelligent Office
Capital Investment: < 150,000
Virtual Office/Executive Suite Franchise: We operate completely in a B2B environment, providing telecommunications and business services to any and all businesses; including a live receptionist, calendar management, office rental, conference room rental, mailbox services, and receptionist services. Our top clients include lawyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountants, software designers, and construction services (plumbers, electricians, roofers, contractors, drywallers, etc.)
Mosquito Squad Mosquito Squad
Capital Investment: < 100,000
Mosquito Squad protects families, children and pets from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other outdoor pests so they can spend more time outside without the risk of bites and insect borne diseases. Mosquito Squad uses a very simple, systemized business model to protect clients in one of three ways: (1) a barrier spray application applied every 21-day cycle; (2) one-time special event sprays; and (3) permanently installed automatic misting systems. Its strong recurring revenue stream and margins offer a very attractive business for potential franchisees on a stand-alone basis, as a terrific add-on business to an existing outdoor service company or as a seasonal business opportunity.
Passport Health Passport Health
Capital Investment: < 50,000
Passport Health is a service company, which provides immunizations for travel, back-to-school, immigration and naturalization, bio-defense, military readiness, clinical trials and wellness. We also provide country specific travel counseling, health products and information to those about to travel to a foreign country. Our on-site wellness programs include various screening clinics tailored to our client need.
Pirtek USA Pirtek USA
Capital Investment: < 150,000
Across the United States, companies producing the goods and services that we rely on in our daily lives all have one thing in common - use of hydraulic power for production capabilities. Every day, the kind of products and services Pirtek provides touches the lives of every American in many different ways - from a hydraulic hose on a garbage truck to the steerage of ocean liners, from power steering and air-conditioning hoses in the family car to the boilers of steel-producing industries, from steam cleaning to chemical processing and mining, from elevators in high-rise buildings to harvesting and transporting grain and cattle, from mowing the golf course to earthmoving and from construction to the processing and packaging of food. When the hose critical to the process fails, companies face downtime that costs them hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each hour. Pirtek is the world's leading service provider in on-site hose replacement.
Play N Trade Play N Trade
Capital Investment: < 100,000
Play N Trade is a retail storefront which sells new and used video games and consoles, related products and accessories, offers in-store party options, and repair consoles.
ProShred ProShred
Capital Investment: < 200,000
PROSHRED® pioneered the mobile paper shredding and recycling industry in the mid 1980’s and is recognized as a North American leader. PROSHRED® shreds and recycles confidential documents and proprietary materials for “fortune 500 companies”, “small and medium sized enterprises” as well as home based business and residential customers in all industry sectors including Healthcare, Financial, Government and High-Tech. PROSHRED® combines unparalleled customer service with absolute security and is the only company to receive both ISO 9001-2008 and NAID AAA certification. PROSHRED®’s explosive growth is a result of increasing concerns with regard to “identity theft” and the “environment”.
Shield Security Shield Security
Capital Investment: < 50,000
Shield Security is a service company specializing in the sale, installation and monitoring of electronic security systems, fire alarms, closed circuit television surveillance (cameras), access control, home theater
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